Move-in Checklist 

Important information for gas, electric, Wifi, cable, trash, recycling, keys, and more.


Gas & Electric

In order to have gas and electric set up for the first day your move in, please contact Ehrhart Energy (propane) online or at 607-387-8881 and New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) online or at 800-572-1111 at least seven (7) days before your move-in.


Wifi and/or Cable

Contact Haefele Connect online or at 607-589-6235 to discuss Wifi and/or Cable packages. You're also welcome to use complimentary Wifi in our community center Meeting House. Wifi name: 'Meeting House'


Trash & Recycling

There is a trash receptacle near the garage when you first drive in; we're adding a recycling bin soon.  



When you arrive, the door will be unlocked. Keys will be on the counter or window sill inside the house. There will be two keys — one to the front door and one to your mail box located in the Meeting House. Your mail box number is engraved on the key itself. If you don't see your keys, check the back of the door/ kitchen drawers. If you don't see them, contact Bruno at 607-227-4791 and email